Programme Details

S.No Programme Name Date Venue Programme Report
1Psychosocial Counselling for Adolescents in Govt. Children and Observation Home2016-11-01 Govt. observation / children's homeThe RGNIYD in collaboration with Department of Social Defence (DSD) Tamil Nadu and UNICEF is implementing a project called Life Skills Education for Adolescent Development (LEAD) aiming at providing life skills training and psycho-social counselling to the adolescents who are residing in Govt. Children’s / Observation Homes across Tamil Nadu. In this connection, a total of six visits were made in the month of November on 10th, 17th, 18th, 22nd, 24th, and 30th, 2016 to different Govt. Observation homes in Chennai and Chengalpattu. Psycho-social counselling through group sessions on Self Concept, Goal Setting, Anger management and Relaxation Therapy were done for 72 adolescents (59 boys and 13 girls). During the individual sessions, Psychological Assessments were also done to give need based counselling.
2Community Initiative to promote Mental health2016-11-03 Government Middle School KachipattuAs a part of the Health Psychology Innovative component, a team of seven students along with Mrs. Sujatha, Assistant Professor from Department of Applied Psychology were at Kachipattu Government Middle School on 3rd November 2016. The programme was initiated by RGNIYD students to emphasis on Health, Hygiene and Values to school children of grade 6 & 7. It was organised as a fun-learning programme with interactive sessions including ice breakers and games which made children think, interact and learn. This in fact attracted participants. The school children were made to realise the importance of moral values, good language, healthy behaviour and hygiene through games. The RGNIYD students performed a Mime which portrayed the theme of the day importance of values, hygiene and health. The programme was a first successful move for the students who were able to organize and deliver the theme in a school. Our journey begins to make change in the society/students mind ………………
3Film Screening2016-11-12 Regional Centre, ChandigarhThe short films which were screened reflect the concept of 5th space.There are four legitimate ‘spaces’ that young people primarily occupy that of family, livelihood/education, friends, and leisure. Beyond these four spaces, which are not often governed by young people, there is a space we choose to call the 5th Space that young people also occupy, where they truly discover themselves as they engage in social action. This is a space that they govern and take leadership in. The 5th Space is an exciting, adventurous and yet  safe space that equips young people to understand themselves, address conflicts, build cross-border relationships, clarify their values/stances, and develop leadership skills by enabling them become learners for life and  nurture a learning society along with them. So, through the means of the films, we were able to motivate participants to explore that 5th space within them & their surroundings.