Programme Details

S.No Programme Name Date Venue Programme Report
1Training of Tribal Youth as Social Animators2016-11-07 Tribal Research CentreCentre for Training, Orientation & Capacity Building organised a five day residential training Programme on Tribal youth social animators from 7th -11th November 2016 in co-ordination with the Centre for Tribal Research Centre, Udhagamandalam. Dr.O.P.S.Khola Regional Director, Indian Institute of Soils & Water Conservation (ICAR) was the Chief Guest. 21 (16 Males & 5 Female) tribal youth participated in the Programme
2TOT on Career Counselling for SC/ST Youths2016-11-28 BODHI, No.1. Ayyathampatty Village, AlagarKovil, Madurai District.Program outline: (Day 1) Students from the following college attended the program: • K.S.M.College of Education,Madurai • St.Justin College of Education, Madurai • C.S.I.College of Nursing, Madurai • Sacred College of Nursing, Madurai • Thiagaraja College of Arts and Science, Madurai • Ladydoak College, Madurai • Madurai Institute of Social Sciences, Madurai. The training programme started with registration, participants were provided with training kit, copy of schedule and personal Performa to know in detail about them. This session was followed by the formal inauguration of the training program. Mrs. R.Rajkumari, Executive Director of M.S.Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation lighted the kuthuvillaku and delivered the inaugural address. In her inaugural address, she advised the students to make use of the opportunity to learn and plan for their career. The session on community building was facilitated by Dr.M.Kannan. Bingo Sheet was distributed to all the participants and was asked to fill up the sheet. This exercise helped in breaking the initial silence and prepared the participants to work together in achieving the learning objectives. The afternoon session was facilitated by Prof.G.Gurubharathy. He asked the participants to voice their expectations from the training. The expectations were reflected and the learning objectives were generated and finalised. This was followed by the session on work wherein every participant was helped to understand the concept of job, career, and occupation. They were also helped to understand the changes in the environment that impacts the way work is being done. With an energiser, the participants were formed into four small groups and each group was given a topic for discussion. The presentation and the discussion over the topics helped the participants understand the different perspectives and how these perspectives influence their choices in life. Day 2: Participants were assembled for yoga session. Mr.Neelamegam, yoga trainer briefed the participants about the importance of yoga and taught them some basic postures in yoga. The training programme started with review of first day. Participants who were divided into small groups were entrusted with the responsibility of presenting the report on the activities and the core learnings from these activities. Prof.G.Gurubharathy started the first session with a question about the importance of planning. Based on the sharing, participants were helped to understand the importance of planning and the process involved in the plan formulation. Ms.V.Sujatha, Assistant Professor,Department of Psychology, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Sriperumbudur visited Bodhi, met the participants , spoke to them about the training, observed the training infrastructure ,training session and had a look at the resource and assessment books distributed to all the participants. In order to help students understand occupational chioces, each group of students were asked to list down occupations relating to English alphabets. Students listed down 144 occupations and were categorised through reflection. Further, participants were advised to choice an occupation based on their interest and core competence. The session on self awareness revolved around JOHARI WINDOW , the psychological tool used to understand oneself from their and others perspective. Participants were explained about self disclosure and feedback as strategies in expanding the open area. They were also helped to understand the challenges in the strategy execution and ways to manage the same. Ms.Gulshera ,Psychologist from Ahana hospitals, facilitated the session on mental health in the evening. Concept , Importance and the drivers of mental health were discussed in detail during this session . Day 3: The day started with yoga session by Mr.Neelamegam who taught and helped the participants in practicising few yoga practices that will enhance their well being. The training programme started with the review of previous day. Each Participant was asked to share what they have learned from the previous day activities and what they wish to learn. After the review, the session on problem solving was facilitated by Mrs.Sharmila Siraj. With an energiser, participants were divided according to their zodiac signs and the unique characteristics of their signs were presented and discussed. Decision making skills – Mrs.Sharmila Siraj By involving participants in an activity, the following concepts were explained to the participants: Decision making Decision making process • Long term decision making • Short term decision making • Ripple effect The afternoon session on thinking skills was facilitated by Ms.R.Kayalvizhi. The session started with activity word wizard wherein the participants were involved in creating new words. Participants came to know the difference between creative thinking and critical thinking and the strategies to develop the critical and creative thinking skills. Day 4: Participants were assembled for yoga session. Mr.Neelamegam taught participants few advanced level of yoga. The days session started with the review of previous day activities. The first session on personal branding was facilitated by 10.00am Mrs.Nandhini Murali. She started with the explanation of branding and the following elements of brand building: • Identification • Positioning • Packaging • Messaging Participants were helped to understand the process of branding through a group activity. The afternoon session was facilitated by Mrs.Sharmila Siraj. She started with a brain gym activity and through power point presentation, discussed in detail about about career development. After a short break , participants were divided into groups and given a story and they were asked to take decisions based on the story. In the evening, Participants gathered for special session on positive mental health which was facilitated by Mr.Raghu, Project lead facilitator of Rotary Blossom, the community mental health project of the trust. After that, Dr.M.Kannan, conducted the exercise on re entry through guided imagery. Day 5: Today’s session started with a review of previous day. Dr.M.Kannan started the first session on Career Choice with a motivational video. He went on to explain the importance of personality in choosing a career. Personality assessment tool was administered to help them understand their personality. Based on the request of the participants, tips were given about facing interview. Importance of appearance, communication, behaviour etiquette etc... were highlighted in the session. The afternoon session on Goal setting was facilitated by Prof.G.Gurubharathy. He introduced the participants to the concept of Goals grid and how it could be used to set career goals. Particpants were prompted to work on the following perspective of setting a goal: Sustain Acquire Eliminate Aviod Before the valedictory function, feedback forms were distributed to all the participants and the filled in forms were collected. In the valedictory function, the following invitees were present and through their address , they exhorted the participants to practice what they have learned in the program and wished them a glorius career and a future : Mrs.R.Rajkumari, Executive Director of the Trust Mrs.Latha Gurubharathy, Director – Administration of the Trust Dr.S.Parvathy, Principal, K.S.M.College of Education, Madurai. Mr.P.Kumarasamy, Vice Chairman, K.S.M.College of Education, Madurai Mrs.K.Gobika, Correspondent, K.S.M.College of Education, Madurai. Students shared their experience in the training program: Certificate and group photo was presented to all the participants by the chief guest. The function got over with a candle light ceremony with Dr.M.Kannan reading the pledge .